No, not that Vienna.
Vienna, Wisconsin
About Us

Not heard of Vienna, Wisconsin? Our feelings aren't hurt. After all, we're just a little community, population 1,500, located in the shadows of Madison, the state capital. And yet, we have some nice things going for us, like a cheese chalet with more than 300 different kinds of cheese, a pie place that's worth ditching your diet for, a farm distillery, pretty natural resources, oh, and Pinkie the Elephant, a fiberglass roadside attraction with a following all its own.

Here's another way to remember we're in Wisconsin and not Austria:

More cheese than chocolate.

More Yahara than Danube.

More Pinkie the Elephant than Mozart statue.

More bratwurst than wiener schnitzel.

More polka than waltz.

More holiday hotel than imperial palace.

Top 10 List

Our neighbors are the communities of DeForest and Windsor and we like to give them a shout-out too. Visit us all in one fell swoop.

Here's your invite to stop in or pass through, say hi to the locals (they'll say hi back), and enjoy a few simple pleasures. That's it. No oversell. Refreshing, right? Plus you can tell your friends you've been to Vienna.

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