Lydia Gaston

Server and manager at Norske Nook restaurant 

Meet Lydia Gaston

What do you like best about the community? I grew up in the area and like the small town feel but also the fact that there’s still plenty to do. I’m a small town kind of gal!  

Who are your customers? We get a lot of the locals and one of the favorite things about my job is to serve the regulars, to be able to greet them by name and get to know them. In the summer when school’s out, families like sitting out on the patio. I serve people from out of state who tell me they heard about this place and just had to stop in. It’s surprising who knows about it! 

What’s your favorite slice of pie on the menu, given Norske Nook is famous for its pies? That’s easy, it’s chocolate peanut butter. I walk off the calories working as a server here! Customers often want to know my recommendation for meals too and the first thing I ask is if they’re in the mood for breakfast or lunch to narrow it down, because we serve breakfast all day. Often I’ll point them to the Norwegian specialties on the menu, like the lefse wraps or Norwegian pancakes with lingonberries. 

Along with pie, what else is the community known for? We’re known for being friendly. I was at a Chamber of Commerce event and there were so many awards given out for friendly service!

Any insider tips for visitors? When customers have a little time to spare and ask for suggestions, I point them to the trail in Western Green Park. It’s a nice stroll with some pretty bridges.  

Favorite cheese? I love Harvati cheese, it’s creamy and mild. We serve it at the restaurant too on the Monte Cristo sandwich. 

How do you like to spend your free time? I love hiking and there are great places to hike nearby. I’m out there spring, summer and fall. Honestly, winter is the only time you won’t find me on the trails.

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